Compact switches
Category: Equipment for low voltage distribution
 This switches are multifunctional and are used in:

1.Protection of electrical network(switches)
Here are included the following products for protection of electrical network
- Compact NS100-630A switches
- Compact NS630b-1600A switches
- TM and STR protectional units (NS100-250)
- MP and STR protectional units (NS400-630)
- Micrologic protectional units (NS630b-1600)

2.Protection of engines
Here are included the following products for protection of engines:
- Compact NS80H-MA switch with intergrated magnetic unit
- Compact NS100-630 switch with MA magnetic unit
- Compact NS100-250 switch with STR22ME electronic unit
- Compact NS400-630 switch with STR43ME electronic unit

3.Differential protection
- Vigicompact NS100-630 switches for differential protection

The following types of disconnectors are used:
- Compact NS100NA-630NA
- Compact NS630bNA-1600NA

5.Electrical and plugged tool kit
- Compact NS80H-MA
- Compact NS100-630
- Compact NS630b-1600

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